Colon Hydro-Therapy

Also referred to as colon irrigation and colonics

Feel Better, Inside Out

Colon cleansing through hydro-therapy is an effective way to detox your system’s buildup of accumulated toxins. The process involves a delicate washing of the colon with warm, filtered water to remove encrusted fecal residue, gas, mucous, candida (yeast overgrowth), and bacteria.

We use a natural, closed-system approach to keep your colon in pristine shape while helping you to properly replenish with the recommended enzymes and minerals that are beneficial for your body for after-care treatment.

Advantages of Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Relieves and Prevents Constipation & Bloating

  • Increases Energy levels and Stamina

  • Tones Colon Muscles & Promotes Regular Bowel Movements

  • Aides in Weight Loss

  • Reduces Risk of Colon Cancer, Cysts, and Polyps

  • Improves Body’s Absorption of Vitamins & Minerals

  • Gives you clearer skin

  • Relieves and helps with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) symptoms

  • Strengthens Digestion and Immune System

Why is Colon Hydrotherapy needed?

In our day to day lives we are exposed to a number of harmful toxins that accrue in our bodies overtime, due to our environments, lifestyles, and eating habits. Toxic sludge will begin to collect and stick to our colon walls. Expelling this build up comes with a plethora of health benefits for our bodies and overall well-being. There are no drugs or chemicals used during this procedure. A healthy gut flora is essential for optimal health. When the colon is unable to operate at its fullest potential, the elimination and detoxification process begins to perform at a lower efficiency resulting in chronic diseases, cancers, and many other health related issues. You can rely on the professionals at Healing Waters Wellness to provide you with an educational and comfortable colonic experience.

Discover a new normal, a new energy, a new you.

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"I was waiting to write this review. This woman has changed my life. She is more than a healer and her diet and cleanses combined with her supplements and enzyme therapy bring out the best in you."

-Bilal J.


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