Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)

A gentle, non-invasive technique that uses a combination of vibration, light, and electrical waves to break up clogged coagulated pockets of lymph fluid that has become stuck together in lymphatic nodes or pathways. The ELT machine amplifies the effects of manual lymphatic drainage, but at a more efficient rate, reducing the time needed to move fluid manually to break up congestion that causes inflammation, toxic buildup, and disease.


"I can't thank Desiree enough for giving my daughter her life back. I strongly advise anyone with health issues to see Desiree. His office staff is warm and caring. We are very grateful and we look forward to our daughter's continued progress on her path to wellness in the months ahead."

-Elizabeth H.


  • Expedites Detoxification

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Reduces Post Cosmetic Surgery Healing Time

  • Prevents and Removes Cellulite

  • Strengthens Immune System & Fights Disease/Cancer

  • Promotes Weight loss

  • Combats Fatigue

  • Reduces Edema (Swelling) & Water Retention

  • Helps Lymphedema

Importance of Lymphatic System & Drainage

The lymphatic system is made of a network of lymph nodes and vessels that transports lymph fluid throughout the body. It works as the body’s natural cleansing method, playing an important role in immune function. Transiting lymph fluid carries infection-fighting white blood cells, oxygens, and proteins throughout the  body to nourish tissues. It is also used as the vehicle to discard of foreign substances such as: damaged cells, cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Unlike the circulatory system, the Lymphatic has no pump of its own and is at high risk for blockage. Congested lymph is incapable of efficiently circulating & eliminating toxic waste. If the lymphatic drainage process cannot function properly then it is unable for the body to have the ability to properly heal itself.

Strengthen your immune system, treat inflammation, sickness and colds with reliable lymphatic treatment from the professionals at Healing Waters Wellness. Serving Huntington Beach, CA, you can trust in our 9 years of experience to provide you with quality care.

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