Get Proper Care For Your Lymphatic System

Strengthen your immune system and prevent inflammation, sickness and colds with reliable lymphatic treatment from the professionals at Healing Waters Colon Care. Serving Huntington Beach, CA, you can trust in our 9 years of experience to provide you with quality care.

We use vibrational lymphatic therapy that stimulates your whole immune system through whole body vibrations and helps remove harmful toxins, accumulated fluid and increases proteins between your cells.

"I can't thank Desiree enough for giving my daughter her life back. I strongly advise anyone with health issues to see Desiree. His office staff is warm and caring. We are very grateful and we look forward to our daughter's continued progress on her path to wellness in the months ahead."

-Elizabeth H.

Lymphatic care can help your health

  • Prevents inflammation

  • Prevents &  Gets rid cellulite

  • Helps with digestion

  • Helps with prostate (men's issues)

  • Promotes weight loss

  • Fights edema and lymphedema

Restore Your Health Balance

We offer a few different procedures and therapies to care for your lymphatic system. Electro Lymphatic Drainage is a nutritional cleaning that removes harmful toxins and aids your lymphatic system. This treatment helps strengthen your immune system and keep you from getting sicknesses that would normally trouble your health. Proper care for your lymphatic system can also help promote weight loss and faster healing after surgeries and can also help with emotional problems like depression, anxiety and stress.

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